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Grandma’s Necklace

When my grandma found out that I was using vintage jewelry to create new upcycled necklaces, she opened up her jewelry box and pulled out a deep blue object and handed it to me. She said, “This was mother’s,” and asked if I could make it into a necklace for her. Of course, I was honored that she would entrust me with a piece of jewelry that belonged to my great-grandmother.


I looked down at what she had handed me and it was a single earring that had been a clip-on, but the clip was broken off.  This represented more than just a piece of costume jewelry to me. So I set off to work on designing a necklace that would respect the beauty of what this piece represents for our family.



After experimenting with multiple design ideas I landed on a simple, navy blue, glass pearl strand with translucent, gray, faceted, accent beads. I added a magnetic clasp and now, instead of this broken clip-on earring collecting dust, my grandma can wear this heirloom necklace and remember her mother.

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"star" fish bobber fishing lure bookmark
“star” fish bobber fishing lure bookmark 

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Champagne Quartz Crystal and Faceted Glass Necklace
Champagne Quartz Crystal and Faceted Glass Necklace

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Hooked! Fishing Lure Bookmark
Hooked! Fishing Lure Bookmark

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Back to school…

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Royal Purple Ice Flake Quartz Tassel Necklace