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Supporting Sarah

These last few months have come with many challenges. A recent hospital stay revealed a new diagnosis. [You can read about my health journey here.]  With this new diagnosis I’ve not been able to return to my regular job and with mounting medical bills, we are feeling the financial strain.

This diagnosis comes 10 years after my cancer journey. It was 10 years ago that I began making jewelry as a creative outlet and a way to bless those who were caring for me during that difficult time. Today, I am thankful to say that I am cancer-free. Praise the Lord!

In this new journey to health, as I return to this beautiful art of jewelry-making, I thank you for joining in support. Your purchases help cover medical bills and basic needs.

If you would like to donate additional funds above your jewelry purchase price, or would simply like to donate to #SupportingSarah, you can use the donate button below. Thank you!